Support Services

Membership of the Merger and Partnership Research Centre provides access to a large range of merger related documents.

In addition, we offer a range of cost effective merger services to help you through the merger process. These can range from managing the entire merger project to providing advice and support for key elements of merger.  Our menu of services includes:

  • Project management of the entire merger process from the initial ‘decision in principle’ through to vesting day and beyond, covering merger planning, merger implementation and merger integration.
  • Production of key documents, including options appraisal, merger timeline, risk register, Merger Consultation Document, Merger Proposal Document and communication strategy.
  • Ensuring good governance, providing support and advice for the Partnership or Shadow Board and a smooth transition to the new Board
  • Support for recruiting the Principal and senior management team
  • Support for delivering the essential HR aspects of merger, Trade Union negotiations, TUPE, Voluntary Severance, matching across processes, restructuring and harmonisation of terms and conditions.
  • Systems integration, support for integrating ICT systems and processes, including single integrated email and telephone systems, new web presence.
  • Rebranding, selection of a new name and brand identity, managing key PR messages.

All of these are delivered by experts in their field who have direct and relevant experience of merger within the college sector including:

  • Fares Samara - ICT specialist with extensive experience of systems integration
  • Roy Gardner – Marketing specialist with extensive experience in rebranding

As you already know, mergers are complex change management projects and our services will support you through the merger process, ensuring that you meet all of the requirements, and demanding deadlines, whilst keeping students, staff and stakeholders engaged.

Although part of City of Glasgow College, we operate independently as far as our work with clients is concerned and client confidentiality is assured.

 For more information contact Jennifer Louden